"This is an awesome way to give back. No better way to change the world but only through the young minds. Much respect". -Drock Lynn

8/12/17: "Eric and I appreciate you including us and the sweet babies we are fostering and we thank Because One Matters for the love all the kids were shown today.  The birthday girl and her big brother absolutely love the wagon. She loved her prayer book we read at bedtime.  The backpack will be useful for her to start showing her independence with putting things she loves inside and carrying it with her.  Her brother loved his ball he picked from the table of gifts for the non birthday kids. Again, thank you all for the lovely day. We look forward to getting to know more foster parents and others from your organization to help foster relationships to build a successful tomorrow for these wonderful children who are our future adults and leaders."


"What a wonderful way to give back. You are a blessing. Thank you for the love and kindness you are showing these children" - S. Chandler

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